Simple Steps Set the trademark Indonesia for your business

Inspiration is really very important for a business person to have. However, human names sometimes exist in an empty state, not even having the same inspiration. Then, what if it happens when a businessperson wants to name a brand to his new business?

Relax, don’t worry. Everything has a trick and a way out. Really, the naming is an important point in the endeavor. The problem is that the wrong name can actually have a fatal effect in the future.

Simple Steps Set the trademark Indonesia for your business

Just look at the names of companies like Google, Starbucks, Go-Jek, Grab, Amazon, Tokopedia, and others. All are easy to remember and all consist of 1 word. For those of you who are trying to select your new trademark indonesia. Just do the following:

  1. Don’t be quick

No need to rush in naming businesses. Just taste the process. Finding a name is not an easy thing, because make no mistake.

However, that doesn’t mean you even bother thinking about the name instead of the business process. That one thing is no less important. Anyway, everything must run in parallel.

  1. Determine the target market

Choosing the trademark Indonesia is not a good thing. You must also think about how the audience responds to the brands they will use later. If the audience is in the middle to upper class status, the brand name you specify should of course appear limited. It is possible to use the meaning abroad at once.

  1. Looking for ones that are easy to convey

The more difficult it is to convey because it is harder to remember. You have to know that along with the growth of technology, the Google Assistant or Siri features on Macbooks and iPhones are increasingly being used tomorrow.

When your brand is difficult to convey, it will be difficult for those applications to detect it too. Regarding Siri or Google Assistant really trusts the signal from our own voice.

Try experimenting with the name by asking some of the people closest to you to pronounce it out loud. If they can say it easily and quickly, then it means that the brand name you specified is appropriate.

Examples of brand names that are easy to convey include Happy Mama, Sasa, Nutrijel, Bola Dunia, Geprek Ndeso Chicken, Banana Roll and many others. If you want to take a foreign language, choose a word that is easy for Indonesians to say, such as Kobe, Nike and others.

  1. Strive for one word

The above has been explained of course, if several giant technology companies or other large companies, have a brand that only consists of 1 word. Besides, a short name will make it easier for you when creating your site, right?

  1. Don’t force it

Not all brand names that are taken from the names of the founders are necessarily good. Soichiro Honda, Henry Ford, was probably blessed with a good name. Would you be confident if your name was used as a brand? Or is it the opposite?

  1. Look for a different one

Don’t use names that look alike or even contain the words for other products or brands of companies. Looking for different ones at once. When you use a similar or similar word, it’s certain that people will remember a brand that has been around for a long time than yours.

Searching for a Name Not Yet Used
Guidelines for creating brand names after that the name was never used. If you are still using a brand name that was previously used, then you are considered infringing patents. You could get into legal trouble if the people involved report to the factions of the authorities on the grounds of infringement of copyright or patent rights. Trademark indonesia is very important. If you want trademark indonesia, please contact us.

To identify what brand name someone already has, you can test it on a search engine, such as Google. You can also check the name at the Directorate General of Intellectual Property or on the official website to find out about patents.